Why permanent magnet would be demagnetized?
Permanent magnet demagnetization is related with Hcb. Hcb decide the max. high working temperature. If the permanent magnet is working the temperature is higher than max. high working temperature, permanent magnet will demagnetize.
What is the shape’s deviation of magnet, including parallelism, perpendicularity and flatness?
∥:≥15×15, ≥Φ15 , then≤0.1mm;<15×15, <Φ15, then≤0.05mm ⊥: ≤Φ3.5, ≤4x4x4 , then 90°±0.5°, ring and diameter:90°±1° ◇:≥15×15, ≥Φ15,then≤0.1mm, ≥Φ15,then≤0.15mm ≤15×15,≤Φ15,then≤0.05mm, ≥Φ15 , then≤0.1mm
Check with GB2828.AQL0.65(s-4) international standard All upto the specific shape and size, we would inform customer whether we can meet his requirement.
Why the delivery will delay?
It is related with magnetic properties and size. If we have enough roughcast, we need to make ingredient and smelt. If the magnet is small size, it is easy to miss; if the magnet size is big, A cracking phenomenon would appear in the process of production scrap products. When produce irregular shape, cracking and unfilled corner make delivery delay.